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As far back as I can remember, I have always loved fashion. I loved when I was offered clothes as a gift and even more, when it was me who chose them.

My father was a tailor and had his own haberdashery for men. Regularly, he brought the Vogue fashion book to the house. I spent hours flipping through it and imagining myself wearing a particular model of dress.

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my world

Having a father in the field of fashion, management and entrepreneurship aroused my interest. So I made the choice to get a bachelor's degree in management and a mba in finance. My training led me to senior management positions, mainly in large consumer goods companies. I put all my passion, my heart, my courage and my resilience, as if they were my own companies. And I dreamed that one day, I would have my own business of mine.

And then this day has arrived! There comes a time when you feel ready inside, where you feel like a call that invites you to take action. I decided to make the leap into a world that combines my two passions: management and fashion.

In January 2012, I acquired the Eric Alexandre Group and its brand, Eric Alexandre. Since then, I have blossomed in a product universe that fascinates me and in which, I had initially no experience, no reference.

And you know what, it does not change anything, because I believe that everything can be learned and that, when we want, we can get everything we want! The benchmarks and learning that we develop over the years, through our experiences, accumulate and make us women who take responsibility and trust them. Leadership reflexes and the sense of intuition are universal qualities. They are forged in us, firmly rooted in the heart of our successes, as in life in general!

Welcome to my world, where dreams come true and everything is possible.

Our Brand DNA

We are HappiKnits

Knitting is at the heart of our products, it is the soul of our collection.


Because knitting allows the creation of fluid, soft, flexible, and comfortable clothing. The knit is enveloping, comforting, and facilitating. It makes you feel like a woman in all its forms. Wearing knitwear is a state of mind: the awareness of being comfortable in the material.

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Knitting is creative, it allows us to start from a blank page. We start by choosing a thread. From A to Z, it's pure confection. We make visuals inspired by women, and we knit them later on all our pieces. Whether it's dresses, skirts, sweaters, capes, scarves, coats, cardigans, jackets or camisoles, we like to create a collection of knitwear coordinated around comforting themes.

Our strength: the colors

When you enter the world of Eric Alexandre, you enter a colorful universe. Our strength is the knitting and the combination of colors. A mix of tones to enhance your natural glow.

We know that women love color and want to put vibrant colors in their lives.

Dare colorful colors to feel alive, spontaneous and positive, that's the effect Eric Alexandre.

Our Wow effect

Our clothes speak for themselves, they express who we are, the subjects that animate us. It's a nod to our personality.

At Eric Alexandre, the creation is festive. It is done around themes created for the season, like autumn leaves, summer flowers, beach, forest, stripes, love, music ... In short, the best in all that, it is because subjects can develop to infinity. "No limits" for you!

Our themed clothing has a real impact on the people around us. Our outfits stand out from the big industries, they have a personality that makes you talk and nobody remains indifferent to this style.

It's time to be Wow with Eric Alexandre.
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Eric Alexandre


We want to offer women values that resemble us.

Created with passion
 and kindness

to allow women to vibrate

Authenticity is at the heart of our values. We adopt a positive attitude. In store, we are attentive to the needs of each woman. There is no artifice. We favor human contact and proximity. We know that each individual is part of a whole in the great sphere of life.

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Listening to your needs, we like to question, listen and learn about you. It is from your concerns that we refine all our creations.


The body is a temple and the woman is at the heart of the essence of our knits. Our body is our ally every moment, every day, we carry it with us. He will follow us throughout our lives. It must therefore be honored, loved and protected. There are as many different bodies as there are women. What concerns us is the positive energy that every woman has to feel good about herself and perfectly dazzling.

Assume yourself
 with style

With our differences and imperfections, each body deserves an inspiring Wow visual envelope

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We dress women of all shapes. Self-acceptance has no age and there is no age to be beautiful and proud in your skin. There is no age to express differences in the style one adopts, highlighting his true personality. At Eric Alexandre, it's our mission to really showcase you.


Why wait for the opportunity to express your joie de vivre? Create, right now, the right circumstances in your head, because happiness is a state of mind that gets a place in the heart first, then to create the deepest well being.

Our Boutiques

to serve you

We are no longer just a wholesaler selling through the network of independent boutiques.

We are also a unique creator who sells through his own network of corporate stores. It allows us to show all of our creations to consumers.

Come meet us

and you will understand the Wow effect of Eric Alexandre.

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